TES-IV + progress

Ryan groskamp tesiv revised

final image (more atmospherics)

Ryan groskamp tesiv

near final image

Ryan groskamp tesiv 5 prog

ambient effects

Ryan groskamp tesiv 4 prog


Ryan groskamp tesiv 3 prog


Ryan groskamp tesiv 2 prog

color rough

Ryan groskamp tesiv 1 prog

base photo

Personal artwork.

I used a photo as base for painting and started to roughly paint over it with the mixer brush and added a grey greenish hue to the palette, it makes the reds pop out of the canvas. I used Craig Mullins brushes for this, they have a really nice texture! After the rough, i enhanced the main silhouettes one the foreground and background more. I mainly used lasso tool selections for this.

After the silhouettes are in place, i paint with smaller sized brushes for more detail and texture. Until i noticed the whole picture was very saturated, i brought in some purple haze which works really well with reds and oranges.

I noticed i didn't really had an interesting subject at the focal point so i thought of a pyramid, which in the end turned out in a huge sci-fi mega structure. Also added some small lights and roughly indicated flying spaceships. In the end i thought of a fitting name to go with.