Project Europa: Concept animation

Project Europa is a student art project; about a high tech sci-fi data-center on Europa. Together with artists; Tom Kolbeek and Adriaan Stam we embarked on a collaboration where we wanted to create and execute a fictional world and showcase our individual skills.

The concept is that this data center is able to expand its own structure and hardware by 3D printing, however a malfunction occurred and as player you are sent to repair this. Quickly you discover that this is done on purpose. As you decide to uncover the truth happening in this facility, you get deeper and the facility itself shows more frequent glitches and hiccups in its system. Which we wanted to show visually in the final video. However the story limited us in what we actually wanted to design, how the facility expands and print itself.

In this project i focused on the landscape concepts, storyboarding of the story and the animation/composition of the video.

Animatic of our Project europa concept art story

Ryan groskamp europa planet 0 00 02 12

Europa matte used in AE

Ryan groskamp scene0 0 00 04 14

Jupiter matte used in AE

Ryan groskamp scene 3 5

Lobby area of data-center.

Ryan groskamp scene 1 shot

3D model by Tom, used in AE.